Domain Names

A Domain Name is much like a trademark or a license. It allows people to find your website by name instead of by number. It also allows customers to have a much more professional look because their website can be instead of

There can only be one of any Domain name in the world. If is already registered by another company, then you must find a name that is not yet registered.

Some tips for choosing a good domain name

  • Keep your domain name short.
    Formally it's possible to register domain names up to 63 characters long. However problems may occur with registration of long domain names in some countries and on some search engines. The shorter your domain name is, the easier it is to memorise!

  • Make sure your domain name makes sense.
    Having is better than Also consider using your product, service name, target audience, or anything related to you or your business when registering domain names.


  • Protect your property.
    You own your business and your domain name. You spend time and efforts on promoting it. Protect yourself! If you've registered, consider also registering and  If you have offices worldwide or trade internationally, consider registration of national domain names as well.


Check to see if your Domain Name is available