Advertising is often difficult and confusing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll end up spending way too much, or way too little. Regardless of your personal opinion, the cold hard facts state that consumers respond to advertising and promotion!

In order to make your advertising work for you, you need to have a strategy. Your advertising needs to reflect the personality of your brand. Your message needs to be targeted and consistent.

There is so much to consider when creating effective advertisements that will generate interest and create sales. On average a reader only spends two seconds looking at a brochure, of which up to one-and-a-half seconds is spent on visual stimuli. 90% of readers process the visuals before reading the text so it is extremely important to carefully plan out a successful campaign.
Whether you need a new campaign strategy or just a simple one-off ad, Lemon Cube Designs provides a creative and well planned approach to advertising. We always seek to communicate with the publication team directly, to ensure that the artwork they receive from us has been optimised for the strongest possible impact on behalf of our clients.

Advertising isn’t only limited to printed documents. Although we have extensive experience in print work, our skills also cover direct mail, website design, sales promotion, packaging, and publicity.

While everything has its place and its purpose, at Lemon Cube Designs we always like to look outside the square.